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Hunting Scopes
We are offering 2 open method for our clients LXGD Supply with over 3 hundreds of product models in tactical red dot , optics, binoculars to be chosen by our client for existing OEM model

If you want to do business with our models,here is right!


LXGD , Abbreviation of Guang Zhou Long Xiang Optics Co., Ltd

Long Xiang Team’s Outing Day
On 6th September, 2017, we were on the way to Double-Moon Bay Resort in Huizhou, we happily sang and had much fun on the bus during the 2 hours driving.
How To Zero Your Scope
To zero your scope you will need just one item that you can either make yourself or buy at a gun store or online. You have to make a paper target with a dot on it. Put the dot into the center of your paper and draw a vertical line and a horizontal line with the dot in the middle. This will help you to verify that your elevation and windage is correctly adjusted. Either you do make a target like this yourself or you buy one at a gun store. Oh yes, and you also need a shooting range. Those unfortunately don’t come online though.
In 2017,We Make New Friends
At 6th -7th July and 20th –22th October 2017, Mr Shaun from US visited our factory frequently in 2 times, discussing with us for the new product developing, order processing and quality feedback and delivery.

If you have any questions about our products or services, feel free to reach out to customer service team.

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