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Long Xiang Team’s Outing Day

Team’s Outing Day

On 6th September, 2017, we were on the way to Double-Moon Bay Resort in Huizhou, we happily sang and had much fun on the bus during the 2 hours driving.

When reach the beach, we can hardly wait to take off shoes to touch the soft sand and play the cool water in the lovely and comfortable weather.

After nice touch to water and sand for a while, we were exited to take some photos as a sweet memory

As a popular teamwork game, the intense tug-of-war competition was on going, our boss took the lead in playing it.

Our boss invited all staff to go fishing on the sea, everyone smiled happily and enjoyed the fun time, especially in the sunshine.

Late in the afternoon, after carried out many funny activities, we were taking some of group photos before barbecue. More wonderful activities are to be continued.