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3-12x44AOE Riflescope Introduction

3-12x44AOE Riflescope Introduction


This scope offers a reticle hash ranging from 100 yards to 600 yards making it a great scope for distance shooting. Also, it offers a wider field of view that most scopes do not offer which is
great for shooting at a moving target when you have to lead your shot to make them count.

The one piece, the aircraft aluminum cylinder design offers a great deal of durability without the weight of heavier scopes. The scope itself houses a well-built seal on the outer lenses making it fog proof and waterproof. Also, the scope is shockproof so even if it is dropped, the durable construction of the scope is going to allow for it to continue to perform regardless.

This scope can also be mounted to virtually any rifle of any caliber including magnum length actions making versatility to any level of shooting and it also boasts a lifetime warranty.

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