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LXGD Lauch New Rangefinder Hunting Red Dot Scope

Key Word

   ◪  Hunting Range Finder Scope

   ◪  Red Dot Scope With Rangefinder

  • ◪  LXGD Release the new product range finder plus red dot sight

  • ◪   This rangefinder scope integrated with standard picatinny tactical rail mount

  • ◪   With 5-600 meter range measurement for hunting

  • ◪   Setting with YDS and meter model exchangeable exchangeable easily

  • ◪   Front and back mechanical sight

  • ◪   3 moa precise red dot sight for firearms

  • ◪   Mouse tail control of the target to assure easily measuring range

  • ◪   Side set 21mm tactical rail for other equipment

  • ◪   HD colorful OLED screen for more clearing reading of the range

  • ◪   Multiple use but compact size and light weight at only 360g

  • ◪   Low battery running with working over 1000+ hours by battery CR2 750mAh


This is the very new and fresh product from us!